IV Open Polish Spochan Championships

IV Open Polish Spochan Championships

Warszawa, 12 – 13 March 2016

Championships will be in the forum of 92 Gimnazjum – Koncertowa street 4 – vis a vis metro station “Ursynów” (the corner of streets: Beli Bartoka and KEN in the Ursynów district of Warszawa).



Saturday 12th March – 17.00 – 20.30 adults and juniors (official opening)

Sunday 13th March – 11.00 – 14.30 children (battodo kenjutsu show)

Categories and competition:


Juniors (born 1999 – 2001, girls and boys)

Seniors (born 1998 i starsi): Men and Women

K11 (juniors) kodachi

K12 (juniors and seniors) choken morote kyu

K13 (seniors) choken morote dan (dan in spochan, kenjutsu, kendo, iaido or battodo)

K14 (women) kodachi

K15 (men) kodachi

K16 (seniors) tanto

K17 (seniors) choken free

K18 (juniors and seniors) nito

K19 (men) tate ken

K20 (seniors) bo (long stick)

K21 (seniors) yari (spear)

K00 (juniors and seniors) kihon dosa



Kids (born 2010 and younger)

K1 – kodachi (short), K2 – nito (short)

Children younger (born 2008 – 2009)

K3 – kodachi (short), K4 – nito (short)

Children middle (born 2006 – 2007)

K5 – kodachi, K6 – nito

Children older (born 2004 – 2005)

K7 – kodachi, K8 – nito

Juniors younger (born 2002 – 2003, girls and boys)

K9 – kodachi, K10 – tate ken (shield and short sword)


The competitors list must be send by e-mail to Thursday 4th March 2016. This is the last day.

E-mail: karatekatom@gmail.com

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