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Happy Easter

hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz with Family

In action Teresa, hanshi’s Tomasz Piotrkowicz wife.

Battodo trainings in Easter time: we finish regular trainings on Wednesday, April 17th and we will start after Easter also on Wednesday, April 24th.  Of course on 1 – 3 May the Samurai School is closed.

We remind you about enrollment for Summer Kobudo Academy!


1000 years of Polish cavalry

Opening training 2018/2019 – we are meeting on Sunday, 9th September 2018 in Pole Mokotowskie at the monument „Thousand years of Polish horse cavalry” 13.30. Sports clothes. Bokken and choken.

Signs up for the Club – Samurai Juku and regular swordsmanship trainings will start from 11th September this year. In this school year we start with special free KOBUDO training (traditional weapon: nunchaku, tonfa) – every Thursday on Mokotow.




We have great pleasure to inform you about Kokusai Battodo Tai Kai Warszawa 2017 with Japanese grandmaster Mitsuhiro Saruta 10th dan battodo, soke Ryuseiken. He will come from Japan  to Warszawa with president of Ryuseiken and other battodo expert.

Hanshi Mitsuhiro Saruta is the soke (head master) of the Ryu Sei Ken sword system and president of the International Batto Do Association from Osaka, Japan and the Ni Dai Soke of Nakamura Ryu Happogiri Batto Do.

Soke Saruta is also well known from Guiness World Records:

first time tameshigiri by performing 1000 cuts (senbongiri) in 1 hour 36 minutes. The event was held in Osaka, Japan in 1998. He also cut through samurai helmet – kabuto.

You can see this record on YouTube:

The schedule of Tai Kai on Saska-Kępa Zwycięzców street 44, corner of Międzynarodowa street  – the same school where was International Masters Tournament on 5th February 2017.

Saturday 1st April – 11.00 – 13.00  tameshigiri training for sharp swords owners,  17.00 – 19.00 waza training (Ryuseiken kata).

Sunday 2nd April – 11.00 – 13.00 waza training, 17.00 – 19.00 Kokusai Battodo Tai Kai Tournament – Soke Saruta demonstration, international tournament in five categories:  tameshigiri, kata with sword, choken morote datotsu (fighting with soft weapon), nito datotsu (fighting with two soft swords), kobudo kata, after tournament at 20.00 dinner – Sayonara Party also close to Saska-Kępa.

The costs:

  1. Two waza, technic trainings – 150 zł (minimum bokken – wooden sword, can be also mozoto (iaito) and mask with choken – soft sword).
  2. Tameshigiri training – 100 zł (only for sharp sword owners – shinken katana).
  3. Tournament – 50 zł, maximum three categories.


  1. Please check our Polish website NOWOŚCI – there are over 200 photos from International Masters Tournament 2017: